Acupressure Points For Constipation

Acupressure Points For Constipation

Little Secret: Some people suffer from constant, chronic constipation, and that alone cause them great pain. There are actually some very easy ways in which one could employ to assist with constipation alleviation and this is through the employment of certain acupressure points for constipation remedy. You’ll be happy to know that many of these acupressure points are located right on your abdominal area. One such acupressure point is located at the base of your colon. By using these points you will not only find relief in terms of discomfort, but also will have an overall effect on your entire digestive system.

The human body has a number of mechanisms in regards to releasing stool and/or fecal matter. It goes without saying that when a person has less than perfect circulation, problems regarding constipation will ensue. When the food and waste matter does not get to the colon or other parts of the body in the proper manner, it becomes hard or even impossible to release the feces.

These acupressure points are used to help alleviate the pain associated with constipation, and also to promote overall good health in the body. There are specific points located on the body that sense pressure, and as the pressure increases along with the urge to defecate, the corresponding acupressure points will activate. This means that when you focus on the pressure in these specific points you’ll help to prevent constipation.

There are also several acupressure points for constipation, and they do not involve any type of special motion. Rather, all you have to do is simply place your palm over the meridian pointing to your lower abdomen and gently move it in a circular motion. While you’re doing this, try to imagine that the digestive juices are escaping from your body along the meridian. This helps to stimulate the muscles in your abdomen, allowing them to contract and make more room in your intestines. This means that while you are undergoing digestion, your waste is being pushed out along with it.

Another important point to remember is that there are certain foods that can cause problems when you have diarrhea, especially if you happen to eat a lot of processed grains. Processed grains have been stripped of much of their nutrients, so while they may be satisfying after the first bite, they do not ensure regular, healthy bowel movements. These processed grains interfere with the normal flow of fecal matter from the bowels to the stool. If this happens, the process that occurs to form waste is interrupted, which can cause constipation. If you add to that the fact that refined sugars can also strip the fiber away from your food, it becomes clear that refined grains are more likely to cause intestinal problems and constipation.

If you really want to relieve constipation, you need to consider how acupressure points affect your body. Since pressure points are stimulated when you are feeling an urge to release gas or when you are suffering from diarrhea, there are actually a number of acupressure points for constipation that are located in the abdominal area. These points are activated by pressure. You simply need to apply consistent pressure to them for a few minutes a day. As your body warms up to the stimulation, you will begin to notice a change. When you have this type of treatment regularly, your body will begin to relax and release natural bodily toxins.

One particular point is located just below the navel on your abdomen. You’ll know that you’re applying the right pressure when you feel a distinct urge to release stool. To stimulate this point, place your fingertips just under your navel. To relieve constipation brought about by nervous tension or other types of problems, a combination of the thumb and fingers can be used. It’s best not to use both thumbs and fingers at once.

There are additional acupressure points for constipation that can be found on the upper arms and in the pelvic region. To find these points, place your fingers in a fist and place your thumb on the outer edge of each arm and then on your lower abdomen. Keep your fingers pressed against your elbow for five seconds. Now you will know which acupressure point corresponds to which meridian. If you’re still having problems, another test is to have someone take a tape measure next to your navel and ask you where the spot is, on the external side.