Fiber Rich Foods For Constipation – They Prevent Constipation Naturally

Fiber Rich Foods For Constipation – They Prevent Constipation Naturally

There is a direct relationship between fiber rich foods for constipation and colon cleanse. The fiber-rich foods for constipation act as stool softeners. They help the body to eliminate waste that comes from the food we eat. When the waste is not eliminated, it tends to build up in the colon. The waste build-up leads to the formation of bacteria, constipation and toxins.

The soluble fiber found in fruits like apples, oranges, peas, broccoli and lentils help in reducing the formation of toxins. They also help to improve the digestion process. The soluble fiber from beans like Lima beans, black beans and pinto beans is also very helpful in getting rid of constipation. The average fiber intake per day for people of the United States is 20 grams per day.

However, this average does not go very high. Most of us barely touch the amount of fiber contained in these foods. Foods high in fiber need to be combined with other proven remedies to be more effective. If you do not include the right kind of herbs in your diet, you will not be able to get the maximum benefits from this supplement. Some of the fiber-rich foods for constipation are also quite heavy on the body.

Therefore, it is important to include only those kinds of foods that can help you relieve constipation. It is important to know which kind of foods are high in fiber. There are several foods high in fiber but most of them have only one benefit, which is to make the digestive system work better. If you want to relieve constipation naturally and effectively, you need to find the right kind of remedy.

The first kind of dietary fiber for constipation is barley. Barley has a lot of dietary fiber which can be easily absorbed by the body. It can be used in different dishes and can be found in almost all the houses. When you cook with barley, you can expect the bowel movement to be easy and regular.

Other foods that have a lot of fiber and can easily be used to help in relieving constipation are oats. Oats can be included in the diet as they are the best source of dietary fiber. You can also add brown rice to the diet as it is also the best source of dietary fiber. These two kinds of grains can be used along with the barley to relieve constipation problems.

Another kind of fiber rich food for constipation is oat bran. It is best to opt for oat bran supplements rather than opting for the whole oat bran. Oat bran has a lot of dietary fiber. However, it is advisable to eat this fiber-rich food as it can provide a good amount of insoluble fiber to the body. Insoluble fiber is found in a great number in the oats.

Another kind of fiber-rich foods for constipation relief is the magnesium-rich foods. Magnesium is one of the important minerals that are very helpful in improving the digestion. For people who are having a problem with digestion due to age, it is advisable to go for magnesium rich foods like salmon, spinach, nuts, legumes, peas etc. If you want to treat the problem of gas formation in the stomach due to chronic diarrhea, then you can go for magnesium rich foods like prunes, prune juice, cranberries, carrots, avocados, kiwis, cabbage, strawberries etc. All these foods can be included in the diet to get quick relief from constipation.

Some of the fiber-rich vegetables are green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, asparagus and Lima beans. These vegetables contain a good amount of dietary fiber. Apart from fiber, you can include dietary fiber in your diet to get effective results. It is found in certain fruit, especially papaya, oranges, banana, apples, pear, kiwi and raisins etc. You can get more information about the best diet plans for treating constipation relief on internet.

You can use some of the natural laxatives available in the market like hydrangea, psyllium husks etc to prevent constipation. Laxatives help in bringing back the normal bowel movement. It is seen that people always want to include foods that help in increasing the immunity level and preventing diseases. So, eating lots of raw fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of getting many kinds of diseases.

Insoluble fiber helps in maintaining regular bowel movements. It can be found in whole grains, legumes, fruits, nuts, seeds and soybeans. Therefore, it is recommended to consume fiber-rich foods for constipation. It keeps the regular bowel movement going. There is a difference between insoluble and soluble fiber. Soluble fiber keeps the insides of the colon wet which do not allow the waste material to pass through causing constipation.