How to Provide Natural Constipation Relief For Dogs

How to Provide Natural Constipation Relief For Dogs

Any dog suffering from the pain of constipation most often has a product or method of constipation relief for dogs on their mind. Relieving constipation is something that all dog owners are faced with daily. Information on constipation relief for dogs can be found in this section and also on other relevant topics for your pet. You will be able to answer all questions concerning constipation and the best type of constipation relief for dogs.

The most common constipation symptom is the inability to produce sufficient stool or the dog is unable to move their bowels regularly enough. There are many causes of constipation and the most common are poor nutrition, insufficient hydration, chronic diarrhea or the presence of parasites or bacteria. A diet consisting of dry food, soft food, canned food, or an over-filled soft food bag will cause an imbalance in the dog’s intestinal system. If the intestines are unable to move timely enough, then the bulk of the food will not be processed in the body and will remain stuck on the intestinal walls.

Many dog owners have found that using home remedies for constipation relief for dogs is an effective way to control this problem. One of these home remedies is to add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a warm water bath. After taking the bath, it is important to give your pooch a high quality commercial dog food. Poor digestive health is the root cause of constipation in many canines.

Another home remedy for constipation relief for dogs is pumpkin. You will find that there are different levels of tolerance for different breeds and ages. So, you may want to experiment with pumpkin first. If it doesn’t improve your dog’s digestive health, you can try adding another type of vegetable to the pumpkin soup.

Some dog owners have found that giving their pets probiotics has been a useful source of constipation relief for dogs. Probiotics come in different forms such as powder, capsules or liquids. They are usually administered to help the digestive tract to keep bacteria and other foreign matter from sticking to the intestinal walls. In some cases, your veterinarian will suggest a supplement. There are also some supplements available that are specially formulated for dogs with digestive disorders.

It is important to remember that prescription medications are not always the answer. Home remedies often work much better. When dogs suffer from constipation, they often have other issues. Your veterinarian should be consulted if the dog appears uncomfortable or has a chronic condition. Sometimes the side effect from a prescribed medication may be constipation. This side effect is very common and dogs often get over the counter medications for this reason.

It is possible that a dog may be constipated for a number of reasons. Sometimes foreign objects are stuck in the intestines and cannot be removed. Other times, a dog may be allergic to a particular ingredient in a certain product and this can also lead to constipation.

Many owners of large breeds of dogs have difficulty getting their dogs to defecate on a regular schedule. Because the large size of most large dogs combined with their tendency to move around all day causes constipation. For these large and difficult to manage dogs there are ways to help them deal with digestive tract problems including constipation relief for dogs.

Home remedies can be used as a means of constipation relief for dogs. Most of these home remedies involve using herbs that are readily available at most pet stores. Herbs that can be used as a remedy include ginger, fennel, aloe vera and Cayenne pepper to name a few. The herbs that you will find at your local pet store will most likely have been passed on to the manufacturer by the veterinarian.

One unusual but proven home canine constipation treatment includes the use of fish oil. Fish oil can be used as a dietary supplement to help provide the nutrients needed to promote healthy bowel movements. A veterinarian should be consulted before using this treatment because there are potential side effects when using fish oil as a food supplement.

Another constipation remedy for dogs is pumpkin. The pungent smell coming from a pumpkin can cause an uncomfortable feeling in your dog’s stomach. You can alleviate your dog’s problem by making pumpkin soup. To make this soup, all you need is pumpkin flesh, fresh cornmeal, a couple of cups of clean water and one teaspoon of salt. You can also add a few drops of fresh lemon juice and pure maple syrup to add a little more sweetness.