Laxative Abuse And Hair Loss

Laxative Abuse And Hair Loss

Hair loss (known as alopecia technically) is a loss of hair from the head or body. It can happen to men, women and children. On average, a person lost 100 strands of hairs and replaced on the same rate every day. When more hairs than usual left after hair brushing or shampooing, it is first sign of hair loss. Other symptoms include hair loss in patches, thinning in certain area, wider parting, dandruffs and skin lesions.

Impact of Alopecia

Our hair is an essential part of our overall appearance and identity. It represents femininity for women and vigor for men. People who are experiencing hair thinning and baldness issues often feel themselves less attractive, lack of confident or isolated.

Why People Losing Hairs?

There are many causes to baldness, including Male Pattern Baldness (MPB), infection, traumatic damage, chemotherapy, nutrition deficiencies, drugs, lupus or pregnancy. Studies have shown that limited food intake, dramatic weight loss, poor and deficiencies in certain nutrients can cause hair thinning. Sufficient and balanced nutrients such biotins, protein, zinc and irons are required for healthy hair metabolism.

Does Laxative Abuse Cause Hair Loss?

Occasionally use of laxative to treat constipation will not cause hair loss. However, if it is overused or misused for weight loss over long period of time, it may cause hair loss because of eating disorder, sudden weight loss and deficiencies of mineral and electrolytes in the body. It may also affect your hair, skin, teeth and nail as well.

Apart from the noticeable weight loss, eating disorder with laxative use can cause serious vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the body as it reduces their absorption, cause dehydration and vomiting. Electrolyte imbalance such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium can happen after prolonged use of laxative. Bloating and other side effects from laxative use may cause emotional depression that wills likely to exacerbate the hair loss.

Treatment For MPB Caused by DHT

One of the main root cause of MPB (Male Pattern baldness) is the excess of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which is a sex steroid and androgen hormone. DHT actually poisons the hair roots in addition to your head triggering them to reduce. DHT shrinks your hair follicles until they die! Initially your hair gets brittle, thinner, and turns to “peach fuzz” — and then sooner or later falls out completely!!

Profollica has been formulated to help SLOW, STOP, and REVERSE hair loss by interrupting alpha-5-reductase enzymes from binding to your free testosterone to form the harmful DHT! It has been developed to stop hair follicle miniaturization in its tracks… before it’s too late!

The 3-steps hair regrowth system is 100% all-natural as well as medical professional authorized.

Treatment for Normal Hair Loss

Our recommendation of normal hair growth medicine is Rogaine for Men (minoxidil) or Lipogaine for Women which is FDA certified (sold in Amazon) and had shown results on majority of users. Check out the video below or customer reviews from Amazon using above two product links.

Alternatives Treatment

100% pure Molivera Organics Castor OilBefore starting any treatment, the root causes of baldness should be uncovered first. For hair loss caused by overuse of laxative, reduce it gradually by replacing with grains, cereals or bulk-forming laxatives and supplements. Follow the laxative dependency recovery guidelines. For root causes not related to laxatives, we have found a milder and natural remedy which seems to work based on the surveys and sharing from health related forums. It is the organic caster oil which you can easily get from nearby local stores. Here is a video on hair growth success story using castor oil.

There are at least twenty over causes of hair loss with different recovery solutions, seek help from doctors or certified dermatologists to identify the causes and recommended options if above failed.