Laxative Dependency on Miralax

Laxative Dependency on Miralax

Miralax (polyethylene glycol 3350) belongs to osmotic-type (Hyperosmotic) laxative that is used to treat occasional constipation by holding water in the stool to soften it and increase bowel movements. People with various intestinal problems like enlarged colon, blocked colon or chronic constipation find it effective. It is available in pharmacy without prescription but it is advisable to contact doctor or pharmacist before consuming it as it might contain inactive ingredients that can cause allergic reaction or other problem.

Medication Guideline

Miralax is tasteless powder which dissolves easily in liquids without causing any greasy feel on mount. It should be taken orally once a day or as prescribed by doctor or instructions on the product label but never be used beyond 7 days consecutively. It may take [highlight background=”#fffa30″ color=”#000000″]up to 4 days[/highlight] before having bowel movement, do not increase dosage or its’ frequency more than prescribed. If for whatever reason you missed a dose and near the time of next dosage, just skip the missed dose. Among symptoms of overdose include dizziness, dehydrated or having severe diarrhea. If the condition did not improve or worsen after a week, please consult doctor immediately.

Who should avoid taking it

Miralax should not be used if you have kidney disease or persistent stomach/intestinal problem such as irritable bowel syndrome. It is [highlight background=”#fffa30″ color=”#000000″]not approved for use on children[/highlight]. Usage on elderly may cause side effect like diarrhea. As for pregnant mother, this should only be used when prescribed by gastroenterologist. Even after baby delivery, it is unclear whether the drug will be passed on to the baby through breast feeding if mother is taking Miralax.

Side Effects

Based on reviews from people who consumed Miralax, some may have experiences side effects as listed below:

  • bad headache
  • shivering
  • body ache
  • nausea or dizziness
  • severe diarrhea
  • bloody stool
  • persistent abdominal cramp
  • bloating or gassing
  • losing weight
  • serious allergic reaction such as itching, swelling or trouble breathing

What being listed are not a full list of possible side effects, please contact your doctor if you notice other side effect surface after taking Miralax.

Alternatives to Miralax

If for any reasons above you are cannot take Miralax or worry about being dependence on it, listed are some safer alternatives:

1. Fiber like Psyllium husk or Metamucil
2. Go Gluten and dairy free
3. Safe herbal and natural supplements
4. Probiotic supplements
5. Magnesium Citrate

Probiotics – Good Alternative to Laxatives