Meal Ideas For Your Girlfriend

Meal Ideas For Your Girlfriend

What are the right weight loss meals for your body type? Are there certain things you should avoid eating, or should you include them all in your weight loss meal plan? How much do you need to eat to lose weight? Do you know the difference between healthy eating to maintain your weight? Follow along to find out more about weight loss meals, and how to get the most nutrition from each meal you eat.

Christmas – I gave my mom a Christmas gift basket full of great holiday recipes and she loved it. One thing I did not tell her is that she should not buy just any holiday recipe book; instead, she should buy a Sheaffer’s Popular Recipes Book. She already knew that I was a huge fan of hers, so this was a nice surprise. I gave her two Sheaffer’s “Christmas” cookbooks; one was the Berry Cakes and the other one was the Apple Ciders. The book had recipes for the famous Christmas cake, as well as Christmas treats like cookies, cakes and pies, as well as lots of great healthy recipes for the holidays. You will be surprised at how healthy some of the Christmas treats she enjoys are.

Valentine’s Day – Again, I was not sure what to give my wife on this special day. I wanted to give her something that she would really enjoy, but since I did not know what to choose, she did not want me to be rushed into making any decisions. That allowed us to have an empty plate! I did give her a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift basket full of delicious recipes, some of which she made herself.

St. Patrick’s Day – This was a surprise to my wife, because she normally does not eat red meat or drink alcohol during the holiday. Fortunately, we found the best weight loss dinner we could that evening. We decided to serve our St. Patrick’s Day meal in our own garden, so that we could avoid having to prepare food for an outside party. The results were delicious, and I was filled with pride when my wife announced that she had lost the most weight for the month! We both celebrated at home and even received a heartwarming “well done” smile from the kids when they saw the large stack of clothes that were shredded when we came home.

Thanksgiving – We are huge fans of Thanksgiving, and this was the year that I decided to really up the ante and make her happy by including some recipes that I had saved over the years. Although I had been trying to follow the low carb diet plan for over a year, there was no way that I was going to be able to incorporate all of her favorite foods. In order to make Thanksgiving special, I offered to make her three turkey sandwiches, an assortment of dips and sides, and even a dessert. Although she was not happy about the dessert, she was extremely pleased with the other foods that we served (especially the turkey sandwiches). We did not manage to lose as much weight as we would have if we had prepared the meals ourselves, but it was close!

Christmas – The holidays are usually very stressful for most people, but as I looked back on those special times with my wife, I realized that it was the perfect time to start preparing our Christmas diet dinner. By having that keto diet plan for Christmas, we could keep it simple and save lots of money, while still enjoying the food that we loved. Of course, I was not able to serve my wife every meal, but being stingy usually did the trick. She was definitely excited when we started preparing the meals and was never happier than when we received our gifts on Christmas morning!

Valentine’s Day – When most people think of sending a gift to their significant other, the first thought that comes to mind is a gift card to the local restaurant. However, if you know that your significant other enjoys a certain type of cuisine, then why not send them a gift basket full of high quality foods? If they like Starbucks coffee and Italian food, then it’s perfectly acceptable to send them gourmet espresso coffee and some delicious Italian specialty pasta. You can also add some Italian candies and an assortment of olives to the basket. This was my wife’s best weight loss meal of the entire year, and she was absolutely delighted!

These are just three of the week’s special dinners that I prepared for her. She absolutely adored every single one of them, and one of the things that really made her happy was that each of these meals cost less than ten dollars! There are so many healthy recipes out there that even a chef who doesn’t like to cook could create something for her that tastes amazing. So if you want to impress your girlfriend this holiday season and give her the best weight loss meal of her life, be sure to try out some of the ideas above!