What Can Laxatives Help You Lose Weight?

What Can Laxatives Help You Lose Weight?

It is well known that weight loss is affected by the diet. However, some believe that laxatives can help them lose weight. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to taking them. Before discussing the benefits in more detail, let’s see what they do to our bodies.

Loosened stools, also known as evacuation reflex in medical terms, occur when the colon and large intestine are overloaded with food or water. The usual symptoms include bloating, constipation, cramping, diarrhea or constipation and the need to go to the bathroom.

Once a person’s colon becomes overstuffed, they suffer from colon cancer and carcinogenesis. They can also cause changes in the function of the endocrine system, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and disturbances in the brain.

They have been shown to contribute to the aging process and provoke cell generation in the human body. It is generally found that people who follow a sedentary lifestyle with no exercise are more prone to colon disorders.

There are many benefits associated with the use of laxatives. They help in weight loss in two ways. Firstly, they reduce the amount of calories taken in by the body and thus make a person feel fuller faster. They are also known to keep the digestive tract moving so that the absorption of nutrients is more gradual. This leads to more efficient utilization of the food and reduced fat formation.


Laxatives also reduce the storage of fats in the body. When dieting, people generally cut down on the number of calories they take in. However, in this case, they also increase the rate at which the body stores the extra calories as fat. Thus, it becomes necessary to find another method of weight loss apart from the strict diet.


It can be confusing to know whether you should use laxatives when dieting. You need to have a clear idea of what you expect to get out of the diet. If it helps you feel lightheaded and dizzy, then it may be useful for you. On the other hand, if you have a lot of problems in controlling your bowel movements, then this may not be the right diet for you. So, talk things over with your doctor before you start using laxatives.


They are not very safe to use for children. Most doctors will not recommend them for kids below 12 years of age. Parents can try other methods of losing weight without harming their child. Acids or enzymes can be administered through liquids or tablets. These can help you control your bowel movements and hence give you a better control over your appetite.


In order to achieve the desired results, you must use this diet along with healthy eating habits. It can help you reduce your weight gradually but steadily. You should always remember that it takes some time before you can notice the results.


Can laxatives help you lose weight? – There is no definite answer to this question. It all depends on your overall health condition and the kind of weight loss you need. Try to combine a healthy diet with regular exercise and you can definitely reduce your weight. Make sure you always stick to a good diet plan and try to avoid all kinds of fad diets that will not only ruin your health but will also be very dangerous for your weight loss program.


You can use laxatives in case of emergency. If you are suffering from severe constipation, then taking laxatives will definitely help you lose weight. Drinking lots of water daily and eating fresh fruits and vegetables will help you reduce your weight. It has also been noticed that people suffering from obesity tend to retain more water, hence leading to an increase in their weight.


Try to get some tips from your doctor or nutritionist and try to use these ideas. You can also consult an expert on the internet and take help from him. You can also search for some diet reviews and get some ideas to make your diet more interesting. Eating homemade food is considered to be the best when compared to the ready to eat meals and take away food available in markets.


It has also been observed that people suffering from obesity tend to retain lots of water, hence leading to an increase in their weight. You can also consider taking weight loss pills that can help you lose weight. It has also been seen that some of these pills can also help you recover from certain diseases.