Workout For Love Handles

Workout For Love Handles

Do you wish to eliminate ugly love handles quickly? Well, performing this effective workout a couple of times per week will greatly flatten your love handles fast. You see, this workout will not only tone your abdominal/side abs muscles, but it will also trim your waistline.


When it comes to eliminating love handles, people tend to go with the typical ab exercises like crunches and leg lifts. However, these exercises are NOT effective in losing inches on your midsection. These types of workouts are great for building up the muscle mass on your midsection, and they will also help you tone the other abdominals. However, to really eliminate that love handle fat, you should focus on cardiovascular workout such as deep cardio workouts and squats.


To do this workout, you will need to have a dumbbell, leg lifts, and a barbell. First, you will do a side step squats to warm up your muscles. Do these slowly to begin with and then quickly move to the front leg lifts and deep cardio exercises for your obliques.


Next, do the side crunch as many times as you can. Do this by resting for about a minute between each side crunch. You will find that this workout takes about 60 seconds total. Keep in mind that when you are doing these workouts for love handles, make sure that you do not move from one side to another very quickly. This could very well injure your knees or hips if you are not careful.


After that, do a regular circuit with the squats and leg lifts. Make sure that you always start out in the front of the gym and you work your way back. This is done by changing direction so that you are working on the opposite side. You will be surprised how much easier it is to get your obliques into a constant state of tension by doing crunches.


Continue alternating with the side step squats and deep crunches. If you find that you are getting tired, you can take a break and rest for a few seconds before proceeding. It is important that you keep the intensity level of your ab muscles tight throughout this entire workout for love handles exercise. However, if you want a good full-body workout that gets your heart rate up, then do a whole circuit with the leg lifts and deep crunches.


When you have finished the circuit, then you will do another one. In order to tone up the oblique muscles and the other core abdominal muscles, then you need to do some heavy squats and leg lifts. When doing the leg lifts, you should really focus on raising your knees. Do not go too high as this will put a lot of stress on your back. It is recommended that you use the machines at the local gym as they allow for more freedom.


For the full-body workout that includes the obliques, then you may do one of the following workouts. You can even do it in a day. As you know, each day is generally complete with eating one food. It does not make sense to workout for love handles if you are going to miss eating your favorite foods. You will also be setting yourself up for failure.


As you get into the full-body workout you should really do the crunches and leg lifts that you were doing before. Then add in some squats and lunges. The most important thing is that you work all the muscles of your body, which will burn calories. Do not cut the exercises short, even if you are tired. Make sure that you give your body enough time to rest.


When you are trying to workout for love handles, you should also give the full-body workout that you have been doing to your arms, chest, legs, and back. You want to continue the workout with weights, but you want to make sure that you are changing up the exercises so that you are not getting bored. This means that you are cutting the repetitions and increasing the weight. Make sure that you do not do the same thing every time, but be innovative.


When you are looking for a workout for love handles, you have to remember that just about anything goes. Some people are comfortable with one-arm barbell bench press, while other people are fine doing five-arm dumbbell presses. Whatever that you are comfortable doing, make sure that it works. If you try something and it does not work, move on to something else.