Fast Constipation Relief With Curing Constipation Naturally

Fast Constipation Relief With Curing Constipation Naturally

There are many constipation relief tips available on the internet. Most of these tips and treatments are commonly known to people who suffer from constipation. However, a few of these remedies are not so well known and not known to many people. One such remedy is the use of baking soda for constipation relief.

Baking soda is a common ingredient in many foods. It can be found in foods like: soda pop, diet sodas, and even many kinds of salad dressings. It is usually used as a bicarbonate ionic compound which helps to neutralize stomach acid.

Baking soda is not just a great constipation remedy. You can use it to help relieve many other common symptoms of constipation. For instance you can use baking soda to help relieve the pain caused by morning sickness. Simply add a few teaspoons of it to a glass of water and drink this solution several times a day.

Another common constipation symptom is the inability to hold on to the bathroom seat. When you are constipated, you tend to lose your seat and find it hard to sit down. This can be relieved by using baking soda as a topical solution on the lower part of your rectum. Simply add the powder to warm water and use as a facial mask once a day. Repeating this several times a day will provide you with soothing relief from constipation.

Baking soda also has a laxative effect. When you use it as a laxative, you will get results similar to those of an over the counter laxative. Simply add the bicarb powder to warm water and drink this solution several times a day. This will help you keep your body properly hydrated and eliminate toxins from your system.

You can also use baking soda as a treatment for hemorrhoids. One of the symptoms of hemorrhoids is rectal pain. It can also be accompanied by itching, bleeding and swelling. To treat these symptoms you can add a few tablespoons of the powder to warm water and use as a rectal suppository. Repeat this procedure several times a day.

Other constipation relief methods include drinking ginger ale or taking ibuprofen. Both these medicines contain active ingredients that can help to relive constipation. In addition to treating constipation they will also provide you with added relief for pains associated with hemorrhoids. The bicarb powder can also be applied directly to the anal area if you prefer.

These remedies can also be used as preventive measures. They can help you to prevent yourself from contracting another bout of constipation. They can also help to maintain the bowels moving regularly without the associated pain and discomfort. For best results always remember to use products that are made from natural ingredients so that you do not face any negative side effects.

If you have already used either of the home remedies above and you are still suffering from pains in the rectal area then you should try using the bicarb powder as an alternate means to get rid of constipation. This is because this natural ingredient is believed to have properties that can stop the contraction of the muscles in the wall of the colon. When this muscle is contracted constipation is bound to occur. The only way to get relief from constipation induced by this muscle is to apply the baking soda on the inflamed region. The bicarb will help to soften and relax the hard constipation wall muscle and will in turn release the mucus from the bowel.

When you get relief from constipation using the baking soda method you will find that it is not long lasting. However the effect is quite effective. You can also make a concoction of lemon juice and baking soda by mixing them together. Then make use of this mixture to bathe the affected part on a regular basis.

Another natural cure for constipation relief fast is to use an ice pack on a sore part of the body. You can buy an ice pack from any store and apply it on your rectum or anus. This will help to reduce inflammation and therefore reduce the pain caused by constipation. This is also a natural method of getting relief from the symptoms of constipation. Just wrap the ice pack with a cloth and place it on the affected part for about 15 minutes at a stretch.

There are many other natural ingredients that you can use to provide you with constipation relief fast. They include Cayenne pepper, ginger, and olive leaf extract. These are easily available at any supermarket and can be used to get fast relief from the symptoms of constipation. Always ensure that you always choose the product that is best suited for your condition. In the case of using baking soda, ensure that you add a small amount of sugar so that it does not cause discomfort.