Causes Of Kids Constipation

Causes Of Kids Constipation

Do you have kids suffering from kids constipation? This can be one of the most disturbing and annoying problems that a child could be suffering from. It is a very hard condition to diagnose as there is no clear cause of constipation. It may be caused by lack of fiber intake, prolonged sitting, pregnancy or lactation. Below are some of the common causes for constipation in kids.

Kids need fiber-rich food for healthy digestion and bowel movements. There are many foods that provide a good amount of fiber to your child. You can buy them in natural laxatives or take advantage of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Include more green and leafy vegetables in your kids’ meals. Fruits such as bananas, grapes, apples, melons and oranges can also help to reduce constipation. Other foods that can relieve constipation are oat bran, barley, whole grain bread and cereals.

Toddlers are not able to digest complex foods properly. Processed foods and preservatives found in canned foods may aggravate the problem of constipation in toddlers. If you are feeding your toddler with processed food and he is still suffering from constipation then you can try raw veggies, avocados, tomatoes, cooked carrots, spinach, cucumber, spicy beans and peas. You can also make mashed banana and pureed apples as snacks.

Older kids or chronic constipated ones can take laxatives and do physical exercises. These help to loosen the stool and also to improve their digestive system. The combination of these two will help to improve their stool, regularity and ease. There are many natural laxatives available in the market but parents must be careful about the dosage and frequency of taking medications.

Kids of different ages require different amounts of dietary fiber each day. Children between two to four years of age need ten to twenty grams of fiber a day, while children five to eight years of age require even more than that. At the age of eight, kids need more than forty grams of fiber a day. So, for this purpose, it is better to buy bulk fiber-rich products in the market like Metamucil, OTC lozenges etc.

Kids should also keep their diets healthy by consuming less solid food. Kids with constipation have to take fiber rich diet along with a liquid diet. Liquid diet is advisable to travel or moving around. This will ensure easy passage of stool. Kids should avoid fried foods, salty and spicy food items, chocolates, sugary items and food that contain refined white flour.

Grains like brown rice, wheat, oats, barley and other whole grains are excellent sources of fiber. These foods also provide vitamins and minerals needed by the body. For kids who are not eating any solid foods, a good alternative is to add lots of fruits and vegetables in their diet plan. Fruits and vegetables contain high amount of fiber and are good for health as well.

Kids should increase their fluid intake by two to three cups a day. Increased fluid intake will make the stools softer. This will reduce the pressure on the intestinal tract and will ease bowel movement. If kids are taking liquid diet, they can choose porcelain or glass fiber-rich spoons to add more flavor to their food. Kids constipation is often caused due to unbalanced diet plans, lack of fluid intake, stress and bad eating habits.

Stress and eating habits are major factors that cause constipation. If kids are not having regular bowel movements, it is necessary to seek medical help. Kids with mild constipation can be treated by natural laxatives at home. Kids suffering from constipation should not be given prescriptive medicines unless prescribed by doctors. Kids constipation can be prevented through a healthy lifestyle, regular exercises and healthy food.

There are several natural remedies for constipation that can be tried. One effective natural remedy for constipation is drinking plenty of water. Milk is also recommended as an added source of fiber. Kids can drink fruit juice with sugar to keep their stool soft. Some foods that have natural laxative effect are apples, carrots, peas, corn, radishes, spinach, cucumber, green beans, lettuce, cabbage and avocados.

Kids suffering from constipation should be given fibrous food products such as wheat products and whole grains. Processed or refined foods must be avoided because they contain hard metallic metals that may cause constipation. Eating lots of fruits and vegetable helps in the prevention of constipation. Fiber-rich foods provide bulk to the stool and cause easy bowel movements. Kids constipation can be controlled to a great extent with a well-balanced diet and lots of physical activities.