Child Constipation Relief

Child Constipation Relief

Finding the best remedies for constipation is important if you want your child to have regular bowel movements. This problem affects one out of every three children. It can cause your child to become depressed and withdrawn, and he may not feel like playing or going outside. To get some child constipation relief, consider a few home remedies.

One home remedy for constipation is a colace. Colace is a combination of herbs and water that can soften stools. It is often used as a stool softener, but it can also be used to help with diarrhea. A colace will soften stools and also relieve the symptoms of colace, such as the pain of passing hard stools, the bloated feeling from constipation, and the urge to have bowel movements.

If you cannot find a good place for constipation, consider using a stool softer. These products are available over the counter in most drugstores and grocery stores. Sometimes they are called laxatives, but they are not laxatives, but they can be helpful in relieving constipation. Other than a stool softener, laxatives can also help with constipation by keeping the bowels moving.

Another home remedy for constipation is probiotic drops. Probiotics are live organisms that are found in the digestive tract. Many people believe probiotics are the key to curing or at least preventing sickness.

You can use a stool softener that has a sugar substitute in it. These products usually have 50% of sucrose in them. This will cause your stomach to produce more acid, which will help to bring your stool softer. You do not want to use sugar in a laxative because this will create a lot of gas. A lot of gas can cause discomfort for a child suffering from constipation relief.

There are two different brands of dulcolax stool softeners on the market. They are OTC (over the counter) and also prescription. The prescription versions are stronger than the over the counter versions. They also contain an active ingredient called borax. A common question about using a stool softener with prescription medications is how much should you take. If you are on one medication and experience an acute attack of constipation, taking a dose of more than the recommended dose may only worsen your condition.

Some people recommend fruit juices and wheat bran cereals as constipation relief for children. Usually, these stool softeners contain a little bit of the active ingredient that is found in probiotics. You do want to give your child something that is strong enough to get results but not so strong that you could cause your child to be unbalanced. Many physicians will not prescribe these kinds of stools softeners to their patients because they can potentially aggravate or even cause an allergic reaction.

In some cases, constipation occurs when you have a long-term underlying problem. You will want to seek out alternative methods of dealing with the problem such as herbal remedies. There are also a number of probiotics on the market that are effective in restoring the proper balance of bacteria in the intestines. Once you find a good stool softener, it can be used as part of an overall program of diet and physical activity.

Even though you may have heard of some of the more extreme stool softeners on the market, you should not give up on natural alternatives. If you have a hard time eating real foods, there are plenty of ready-made food choices that will provide the same comfort and convenience. For example, you can make a tasty breakfast bar using whole grain bread, low-calorie fruits and yogurt. For dinner, you might consider leftover pizza from the night before, some plain yogurt with some lettuce and tomato, and a piece of fruit.

In addition to making your own delicious cotton candy and homemade stool softeners, you can also use a rectal cleansing extractor head to remove built up matter. An extractor head is just like a colander, except it has a large area at the top to hold the waste. To use an extractor head, simply push it down and over the waste, then pull it back up. To get the best effect, aim the head downward and then allow it to stay there for a minute or so. You will notice that after each flush, there is less waste and you will have cleaner bowel movements.

While these are certainly not the only alternative flushing methods available, they are the most popular ones. A good way to find out what other methods other parents have found successful is to visit the website Parents’ Choice. They have been researching what makes children better off with different methods for many years and have found a surprising amount of success by including “fancy” cotton candy in their remedies. Children get a better nights sleep, they eat better, and they are less likely to become ill from the toxins in conventional flushing. At least they like to eat them!