How to Choose the Best Meal Replacement Shakes For Weight Loss

How to Choose the Best Meal Replacement Shakes For Weight Loss

Weight loss meal replacement shakes have become a popular dietary supplement today. The shakes can be consumed during meals or other times. Weight loss shakes boost your metabolism and give your body a better absorption of nutrients in your food. If you’re looking to shed pounds, follow this video’s advice on choosing the best meal replacement shake for you:

o Skip the big name meal replacement drinks and shakes. In fact, you might lose more healthfully by selecting smaller sized products such as protein drinks and protein powder shakes that are made with ingredients that you can easily find at your grocery store. There is no sense in paying more for less when you can get the same nutritional benefits just by selecting a smaller serving size of the big brand names. If you’re looking to shed pounds, stick with the organic weight loss meal replacement shakes from farmers’ markets and leave the expensive sports drink replacement drinks for the professional athletes.

o Choose whole foods instead of processed, packaged foods. Many people are confused about what meal replacement shakes are really supposed to taste like. If you’re used to drinking diet sodas and other calorie laden drinks, it can be hard to imagine drinking something without calories and sugar. Most of them have artificial sweeteners and flavors that simply do not taste anywhere close to real foods. To make sure you’re not replacing nutritious foods with empty calories, look for natural whole foods.

o Use whole grain, organic whey, and egg whites as the main ingredients in your shake. While regular meal replacement shakes use mostly skim milk and sometimes soy protein, whole foods provide the highest absorption rate of nutrients. When shopping for ingredients, be sure they are all natural – no chemicals, added sugars, or preservatives. Look for a brand that is designed to include ingredients that have been approved by the United States Biomedical Research Agency (US FDA).

o Use a brand that does not include sugar. Most regular meal replacement powders contain a high amount of sugar. When using sugar as the main source of calories, you may be decreasing your intake of vitamins and other minerals – not to mention reducing the effectiveness of other vitamins and minerals! While a small dose of sugar may be alright for diabetics and cancer patients, for most others it’s a much bigger problem than it is worth.

o Use low calorie, high absorbent blends of powdered sweeteners instead of traditional powdered sweeteners. A lot of these “sugar replacements” include Splenda, a no calorie sweetener that is made from corn syrup and xylitol. These types of powdered sweeteners are difficult for your body to digest, and when combined with other calories from regular food, you will quickly lose weight. For a great tasting shake, use vanilla extract or other extracts. Opt for organic brands and don’t forget to read the ingredients list to ensure you aren’t consuming any sugars or other additives.

o Look for products that add more than just calories per serving. If you find a product with a large number of calories per serving but very little in terms of nutrients, chances are good that it isn’t as good for you as it seems. If there are nutrients, but they are derived from artificial sources, don’t use them! The best meal replacement shakes for weight loss provide all the ingredients your body needs in order to make it through the day, and not a few extras.

o Choose brands that are designed to boost the beneficial properties of your nutritional needs. Did you know that the cereal aisle is packed with cereals that are actually fortified with additives that were never intended to be added to the cereal? This makes it incredibly difficult to consume a nutritious product that will provide you with the nutrition you need. Some of the best products on the market have been developed because of the need for additional nutrients in order to meet the demands of an ever changing world. When you choose a weight loss shake, look for a brand that includes vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, all of which are important to your diet. Invest in the best meal replacement shake and you’ll be able to enjoy a nutrient-rich breakfast and get your daily recommended amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.