Foods That Offer Constipation Relief For Babies

Foods That Offer Constipation Relief For Babies

In this article, we will discuss how to give your baby the best constipation relief by way of a proper diet and a good amount of liquids. One of the best ways to make sure that your baby is getting all the nutrients needed to be constipated is through a well balanced diet and the consumption of certain fruits. There are many fruits that can be consumed to help with constipation. In this article, we will discuss two of these fruits, namely, avocado and bananas.

Avocado has been found to contain lots of healthy nutrients. It has plenty of vitamins and minerals which makes it one of the best formulas to use for babies who are suffering from diarrhea. Avocado is also loaded with protein and fiber. In addition, it contains potassium, calcium, niacin and folic acid. These are very important nutrients for infants who are suffering from diarrhea.

Because of its water retaining ability, avocados are a favorite for babies who have difficulty in releasing their stool. The powdery form of the avocado works extremely well when given to infants as a liquid supplement. As an added bonus, it is also a great source of fiber.

Bananas are another favorite for babies who are constipated. Because of its natural sweetness, it provides a gentle ease to babies who are teething. Its water retaining ability helps to make it ideal for babies who experience diarrhea and constipation. The powdery form of the banana works very well when mixed with some juice and some milk which then provides a nice thick liquid stool softener for babies who are teething.

One of the reasons why avocados are so helpful for babies who are suffering from constipation is due to the presence of lutein. Lutein is an important element that helps to protect the eyes. It also helps to improve the eyesight and assist with a variety of health conditions. One of the effects of lutein is improved bowel movements which can be achieved through giving your baby plenty of avocados.

The next item on our list is fruit juice. Fruit juices are not only excellent formulas for infants who are suffering with constipation, but they are also perfect for soothing irritations in the stomach. When given to babies, try to give them grape or orange juice. They have a milder flavor and can help to soothe even the most severe bouts of colic. If you opt for a fruit juice as the main ingredient in your formula for a constipated baby, try to make sure it contains a good amount of fiber because that is what will keep the stools moving.

Honey is another item that can be used for soothing the digestive system of babies. However, avocados are the healthier choice and preferable for newborns. You can purchase avocados at any local health store. The problem with avocados is that while they are considered to be a healthy food by most nutritionists, they can cause constipation in some babies. Try for instance giving your baby a glass of water with a slice of avocado in it instead.

If you are still puzzled about what foods are best for constipation relief for babies, you may want to consult with your pediatrician. He will be better able to give you the most appropriate formula for your child. There are specific formulas made for very young children, infants and toddlers. Older children, teens and adults can use other formulas made for their particular needs. For constipation relief for babies and the parents, fruits, vegetables, protein-rich formulas and honey as main ingredients in the formulas are the ideal choices.