Infant Constipation Relief For 1-Year-Old – Tips to Relieve Your Child’s Painful Urge Naturally

Infant Constipation Relief For 1-Year-Old – Tips to Relieve Your Child’s Painful Urge Naturally

Every one needs relief from constipation. Constipation is one of the most common conditions experienced by babies and toddlers. For a 1-year-old child constipation can be really frustrating as this is one of their primary symptoms of Infantile Coeliac Disease (ICD). If constipation is left untreated in an infant it can lead to a condition called Preterm delivery. Here in this article I will discuss constipation relief for 1-year-old child.

The first step for treating infantile constipation is for you as a parent to understand the symptoms associated with this condition. One of the main symptoms of infantile constipation is the inability to finish the sitting task without moving the bottom part of the body forward and laterally. Another symptom is the painful feeling of evacuation that makes your infant uncomfortable and uneasy. These symptoms are more common during the initial few weeks of life, when the bowel muscles are still developing and soft.

There are many causes of infantile constipation. Some of these causes are temporary changes in the weather, hormonal changes, mental stress, insufficient intake of fluid and iron rich foods, insufficient consumption of food supplements, improper feeding practices, wrong timing of feed, etc. If you observe these symptoms then you must contact your pediatrician as soon as possible. You should also take care of the fact that even if you have only mild constipation, it is important that you still get it treated as soon as possible. Mild constipation can affect the health of an infant for the rest of their lives.

So what can be the best ways for treating infantile constipation? Many natural remedies can provide effective constipation relief for children. Coconut milk is considered to be very helpful in improving digestion and also helps in avoiding dehydration in infants. It is important to remember that a lack of fluid in the body leads to constipation which is why coconut milk is used in many infant laxatives.

One of the most common natural remedies for infantile constipation is banana leaves. Just boil a few leaves and add this mixture to a cup of water or milk and drink this every time you feel the urge to urinate. Another good natural remedy for constipation relief for children is to mix yogurt with lactose-free milk. This can be stored in an airtight container and can also be consumed as a dessert after the preparation.

To treat more severe constipation, a change in the diet is always recommended. One should reduce the amount of protein and the consumption of iron-rich foods is also advised. The intake of fiber supplements will help the digestive system to work smoothly and will also keep the bowels moving regularly. While searching for natural infant constipation relief, it is recommended to go for those made from all-natural ingredients such as aloe vera and ginseng.

While the above-mentioned methods are very effective at the onset of constipation, they may not be effective in the long run. Thus one needs to find a permanent solution that will work over a long period of time. Such methods include herbal treatments, natural laxatives and enemas.

It is highly recommended to visit a doctor if constipation relief is needed for more than a month. While the above remedies are very effective at the onset of a problem, prolonged use can lead to dehydration, nutritional deficiencies and even eventual stunted growth. There are also other methods such as acupuncture, hypnosis, meditation and reflexology that are used for treating the condition. Each one works differently and has different effects. Hence it is important to experiment with these methods in order to find out what works best for your child.