Rome III Criteria For Chronic Constipation

Rome III Criteria For Chronic Constipation

Chronic constipation can often be a symptom of the following ailments:

* HYPOTHYroidism When your thyroids, which are tiny pear-shaped glands, fail to produce the right amount of hormones, it can have a dramatic effect on your metabolism. Many chronic constipation cases, especially with the thyroid condition, can be attributed to hypothyroidism. In addition to the symptoms listed above, chronic constipation can often be attributed to the effects of certain medications. If you are currently taking medications for any condition that affects your thyroid, you should check with your physician before taking additional medications.

* Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (FBDs) Many people do not realize that there is an actual “Fever” Disease in North America! This condition is also known as “Acute Fluid Intolerance” and is caused by digestive tract problems. People diagnosed with functional gastrointestinal disorders are advised to look into ways of treating their chronic constipation.

* Colonic Irregularity Although this can also be a symptom, colon or fecal incontinence is actually a primary cause of chronic constipation. When waste products, such as hardened stool, are not eliminated quickly and effectively through your colon, they can build up in your intestines. As this happens, the longer your body waits to eliminate these waste products, the harder it becomes to remove them from your body. In addition, certain medications, such as those used to treat FBDs, may cause changes in the way your body reacts to bowel elimination.

* Abdominal Pain/ Symptoms of Hypothyroidism One of the most common symptoms of chronic constipation is abdominal pain or cramping. Some people experience no abdominal pain at all, while others will have painful and prolonged abdominal contractions. This is usually the case with those who are suffering from hypothyroidism. Other symptoms of hypothyroidism include tremors and involuntary movement of the limbs, as well as fatigue, weakness and decreased appetite.

* Fertility Issues Following Symptoms of Hypothyroidism There are several causes of fertility issues, but one of the leading causes of infertility is chronic constipation. Women who are diagnosed with hypothyroidism often suffer from fertility issues because their lower intestines are not functioning properly. Constipation can prevent the release of necessary hormones, which greatly affects fertility. In addition, women who are experiencing chronic constipation are often advised to take prescription medications for the treatment of their primary illness.

* Diagnostic Procedures for Evaluating Fasting Prohibited Diet Following Symptoms of Hypothyroidism Once you are diagnosed with chronic constipation, your doctor may ask you to follow a restricted diet for a time to see if the condition improves. Many times, doctors use diagnostic procedures such as endoscopy in order to determine whether or not a more advanced surgical procedure will be indicated. Doctors also often perform imaging studies such as x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and CT scans in order to determine the severity of your chronic constipation. When it comes to diagnostic procedures, experts generally consider two criteria in evaluating whether or not a patient has an inability to evacuate feces. The first criterion is how fast the patient is able to evacuation feces, and the second criterion is how much the patient is able to evacuate feces after a normal evacuation. If your condition is considered to be chronic constipation, you will most likely be required to undergo two or more diagnostic tests in order for your doctor to determine the root cause of your condition.

As a matter of fact, there is currently no medical device currently available that can directly cure chronic constipation. However, there are a wide range of different treatments available on today’s market that can help alleviate symptoms and allow you to finally get relief from your symptoms. Because we live in an age where new medical technologies are constantly being introduced, it is best to try and stay abreast of all new medical breakthroughs. You can visit the Rome III Expert Consensus webpage for a list of additional symptoms that can be associated with chronic constipation.