Finding Constipation Relief For Dogs That You Can Try

Finding Constipation Relief For Dogs That You Can Try

If you are searching for a natural cure for constipation, I believe that you have reached the right page. I have written this article because I want to provide you with the easiest and cheapest way possible to cure your dog of constipation. A lot of dog owners have been asking me how they can also cure their dog from their side. The answer is simple. They can use their minds!

The root cause of most cases of constipation in dogs is the lack of fiber in their diet. Most commercial pet foods that we commonly buy contains only 15% of what should be called adequate fiber. This fiber serves the primary purpose of softening and lubricating the dog’s stools, but it also does nothing to soften and flush them out.

There are other causes of constipation in dogs. One example is chronic dry air and warm weather, which breeds stress on the anal glands. Another reason why constipation relief for dogs is difficult to find is because a dog might get constipated every now and then. However, if you regularly feed it artificial food with high-fiber content, this problem will automatically disappear.

What you can do to naturally treat your dogs of constipation is by changing his diet. You can add a little bit of dry dog food, a little amount of fiber, some table salt, and lots of fresh, clean water. The salt won’t help digest the stool, but the water and fiber will soften it, making it easier to expel. Table salt isn’t necessary because baking soda is just as good. Fresh vegetables, raw meat, and plain cooked rice or pasta are also good for easing constipation. As mentioned earlier, these remedies are the cheapest and simplest ways to provide constipation relief for dogs.

There are some more extreme home remedies that some dog owners have tried. Some have even gone as far as to put their dogs on surgery to give them constipation relief. If you have the money and the financial ability to undergo such treatments, then by all means do it.

However, I would not advise anyone to put their dog on surgery to get constipation relief for dogs. Surgery has its own risks. Moreover, there is the added issue that dogs sometimes refuse to eat after having had surgery. If you don’t want to go down that road, try changing your dog’s eating habits instead.

Instead of giving your dog table scraps, make sure you prepare his meal in such a way that it consists mainly of meat. Feed him small amounts of canned fish and chicken. You can also buy commercially made dog food for his meals. A natural remedy for constipation in dogs should not only be effective in easing diarrhea. It should also help your dog maintain a healthy digestive system.

Instead of giving him table scraps, why not encourage him to go for a walk? When he tends to lick his feces, he will get to clean himself which can promote better digestion. If you do this, constipation relief for dogs will be guaranteed. And since your dog loves to be outside, this will also be a fun-filled activity for you and your dog.

In order to find out what is causing the constipation, you should have your dog examined by a veterinarian. In fact, if you are unsure whether your dog has constipation relief for dogs, it is best if you let the vet do it. There might be something underlying the problem and only a vet can tell you exactly what it is.

Besides giving your dog a few veggies for variety, you can also give your dog dairy products. Yogurt is a great source of probiotics, calcium and vitamin K, which can all help ease constipation relief for dogs. If you don’t like the idea of giving your dog dairy products, then there are other alternatives like chicken broth. Just add a bit of it to his food at dinner time and then take him for a walk or some playful “ercouture.” Your pooch will love getting to play outdoors once he gets used to the new texture!

Giving your dog an ample amount of exercise is one of the most important ways to relieve constipation relief for dogs. Dogs that live very active lives sometimes don’t get the chance to get as much exercise as they need. A daily walk and short playtime with you both can make all the difference! Try running along side your dog and making his strolls fun for both of you today!