How To Overcome Laxative Dependence

How To Overcome Laxative Dependence

Patients with extreme laxative dependency lost normal peristalsis along with natural bowel function due to laxative abuse or eating disorder. Laxative abuse is very serious, it can cause adverse effects like heart failure and permanent damage to the body whereas eating disorder may cause electrolyte imbalance. Patients with these problem should consult doctor for treatment and possibly do a colonoscopy or potassium level check.

Although laxative dependency is hard to get rid of, with time and gentle treatments, it can be reversed through some steps if followed through consistently. Our body is amazing gift from God and it is very capable of healing itself if we put in our efforts and hard works. Having said that, there are no guarantee that those steps will resolve your digestive problems as every person is unique. Please do not substitute them for actual doctor treatment.

How to reverse the effects of laxative dependency

  • STOP taking powerful laxatives, [highlight background=”#ffff82″ color=”#000000″]replace it with gentler laxative like Miralax [/highlight] as it is easier to undo
  • REDUCE the frequency of laxative intake slowly at your comfortable level
  • DRINK at least 6 to 10 cups of water, it will help to make food pass through easier
  • DRINK some green tea after your daily breakfast, it is mild stimulant that will help contraction
  • EAT smaller portions more times a day to make it easier for the stomach to digest
  • EAT lots of vegetables, whole-grain breads, cereals, corns and take probiotics if that works for you
  • EXERCISE at least half an hour to help regulate your bowel function
  • TRAIN your body to go to the bathroom on it own with a fixed routine
  • [highlight background=”#ffff82″ color=”#000000″]SQUAT during bowel movement[/highlight] in the toilet, for at least 10-20 minutes to train the bowel
  • MASSAGE the lower abdomen in a circular motion to help peristalsis


We also have an article that provides step by step recovering from laxative dependency in more details, if that is what you need.

Changing Your Lifestyle Is Key To Success

Foods to avoid during Laxative Treatment

  1. Foods that prevent peristalsis such as casein and gluten, as well as some opioid-based medications such as pseudoephedrine.
  2. Coffee as it may cause diarrhea and dehydration which will exacerbating the problem

What to expect during Laxative Recovery

There is no way to tell how withdrawal of laxatives will affect you as it doesn’t correlate with amount of how long you have been taking laxatives. The only way to reduce the unpleasant effects is to prepare yourself for the common side effects of it. Common side effects of laxative withdrawal include constipation, water retention, bloated stomach and temporary weight gain. Duration of these side effects varies from person to person but most people experience these symptoms for one to three weeks after stopping laxatives.