Secrets on How to Give Constipation Relief For Babies

Secrets on How to Give Constipation Relief For Babies

When it comes to constipation relief for babies, most parents are afraid of giving formula directly to their infants as this can be very dangerous for the baby. However, there are ways that you can give your toddler with constipation relief without putting him/her at any harm. Here are some of the best natural ways for constipation relief for babies.

Give him/her plenty of fruits and vegetables daily. Although toddlers can eat solid food as well, having fruits and vegetables in their diet will make their bowel movement easier. Aside from that, it is also important that you give them fiber-rich foods such as cereals and whole grains. Fiber is proven to help with constipation relief for babies. Other fruits and vegetables that are also good for constipation relief for babies are apples and bananas.

Take them to the toilet every time they need to go. One great way to give your kids an effective constipation relief for babies is to have a regular bowel movement routine with them. This way, when they do have a bowel movement, your baby will be able to avoid constipation all together. Of course, this will require that you encourage your baby to take their stool. You can do this by holding his/her hand or using a baby massage pillow.

Try to limit their intake of dairy products, as these items can lead to constipation. Dairy products are quite high in lactose and can cause a case of constipation. You can give your toddler milk instead of formula. As much as possible, you should not give your toddler’s any cow’s milk product for about two weeks after the baby is born. Instead, give them soy milk. Another milk substitute would be rice milk.

Give your kids fiber rich food such as whole grain cereals and fruits. Aside from fiber, you should also add in essential vitamins and minerals to ensure good constipation relief for babies. To ensure that these ingredients are not lacking in your home, you can give your kids vitamins and supplements at home.

In addition to that, make sure that you are providing your baby with sufficient amounts of rest. Babies often feel more comfortable if they have been taking a nap or sleeping for a long period of time. Just keep in mind that this is not enough as far as ensuring constipation relief for babies is concerned. To ease their pain, you should put them on a liquid or cereal-based formula. Avoid giving your babies hard or solid foods for about three hours before and after meals.

Another very important way of offering help for constipation relief for babies is by making sure that you are providing them enough fluids and nutrients. One important nutrient that babies need is fluid, which should be between ten to twenty cups every day. You can give your toddler water or formula if you want. Just make sure that it is still safe for them to drink. On the other hand, you can also purchase other liquids that are specially formulated for infants. When it comes to vegetables, you should pick raw ones to ensure that they will not aggravate your toddler’s condition.

Lastly, one secret of ensuring constipation relief for babies is by making sure that you are always around them. Your baby will not be able to control his bladder until he reaches about two to three years of age, so do not take it personally when he needs to go. Also, you should ensure that you are changing his diaper often so that there will be no problem for constipation to occur. When he is done having his diaper changed, you should make sure that you are there for him to ensure that he is okay. This will help you give him a soothing massage and will also prevent other unwanted problems.