Workout For Hamstring To Tone Up Your Hamstring Muscles

Workout For Hamstring To Tone Up Your Hamstring Muscles

Standing hamstrings curl is an intensive workout for hamstring muscles specifically the lateral or front ones. But, bodyweight hamstring curl can also assist you to maintain proper strength and tone up your hamstrings muscles too. With the increasing demands of our professional lives, people are becoming less physically active and spending more time in front of the computer and TV. This has been observed that even people with sedentary lifestyles are getting more active with the occasional workout at the gym.


You may ask, how to perform bodyweight hamstring exercises? Well, firstly, you need a mat or grass. Place your lower body on it and lean forward as far as possible without bending your knees. If you have to, you could use a step stool to do so.


Take the weight of your upper body and place it on your right leg, your left leg will take the chair. Keep both of your legs straight, just like a plank position and take your knees as far as you can. Then lower your hips to the floor, inhaling and exhaling deeply. Perform this workout three times; a beginner’s routine, intermediate program and advanced program.


Incline Leg Curls. This exercise is suitable for people who have not exercised for a long time or people who have weak hamstrings. Stand with one leg in the air and the other leg straight, hold onto the hand of the opposite leg. Bring the bent leg towards the shoulder. Squat down with your stomach so that your butt is almost touching the floor.


Deadlift. Deadlift is another effective exercise which focuses on the hamstrings. You have to assume a standing position while keeping only your feet on the ground. You have to raise your legs and bend your knees and pull the upper body towards the ground with the arms, then straighten the legs and return to the standing position.


Lunges. Do lunges by stepping on both of your feet and raising your body vertically, keeping your back straight and chest up. You have to bend your knees and bring your pelvis toward the thigh which is farthest from the body. Squeeze your glutes together and bring them to the front. Hold this position for five seconds and repeat four to five times. The advanced version of lunges includes steps which are wider and the lunge has a higher focus on the quads.


Hanging Leg Raises. For this exercise, you have to lie on your back. Place your hands behind your head and raise your legs. Now lift your body weight off the floor by bringing your legs straight up until they are perpendicular to your body. Lower your body back down and repeat.


One Rep max Attempt. This exercise is best suited for people who are new to exercise. It’s done by doing one rep of each of the following exercises: three sets of 12, twelve reps of leg raises, and one rep of a standard barbell. Breathing in, while lowering the weight to the floor and inhaling while lifting it back up is very important. If you fail to inhale while lowering the weight, you may over-extend your back, causing a hernia or a torn muscle ligament.


Three Sets of 12. To do this exercise, you must first sit down with a barbell. Then, extend your arms straight out at their shortest point, with palms resting on the bench. Lift the barbell by bringing it back down to your chest in one repetition.


Basic Side bends. For this move, you must first lie on your right side with your buttocks close to the ground and left leg straight. Keep your elbows straight and feet flat on the floor. Lift your torso off the floor by raising your legs. Now, lower your body slowly until your pelvis is about thirty degrees lower than your right knee. Straighten your left leg, keeping your heels down at all times.


Hip Raises. For this move, you have to lie on your back with both of your knees bent and your hips directly under your buttocks. Raise your legs one at a time by bending your hips and lifting your legs up in the air. Straighten your single leg out in front and then return to the original position.